1. Civil

    The Clayton County Sheriff's Office is mandated by the Code of Iowa to charge a fee for service of civil documents.

  2. Drug Task Force

    The Clayton County Sheriff's Office, in an effort to combat illegal narcotics, trains certain deputies for the ability to conduct high risk search warrant entries into places where illegal drugs are being sold or made.

  3. Deputy Sheriffs

    The Clayton County Deputy Sheriffs are overseen by Chief Deputy Steve Holst and Sheriff Mike Tschirgi. Each Clayton County Deputy Sheriff has been certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy either by the 8 or 13-week Academy.

  4. Dispatchers & Jailers

    Clayton County currently employs 12 Dispatcher/Jailers. Every Dispatcher/Jailer is certified to work in both the dispatch center and jail.

  5. K-9 Unit

    Learn about the history and purpose of Clayton County's K-9 Unit.

  6. Reserves

    The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office currently employs 13 Reserve Deputies. The Sheriff’s Office uses the Reserve Deputies to supplement its full time force.