1. Assessor

    The office of County Assessor was created in the 1947 session of the Iowa Legislature. At the same time the elective office of city and township assessor was abolished. The assessor is appointed by the Conference Board.

  2. Attorney

    The County Attorney's Office is a part-time position that is responsible for enforcement of laws and providing legal advice and defense to the county officials. No one is eligible for this office who has not passed the state bar examination.

  3. Auditor

    The County Auditor is the ex-officio clerk of the Board of Supervisors and is elected to four year terms.

  4. Central Point of Coordination (CPC)

    Central Point of Coordination (CPC) is the single point of entry required by the Iowa Code. The CPC provides a centralized intake for persons wishing to access county funding for MH/DD services.

  5. Clerk of District Court

    The Clerk of District Court is a State employee appointed by District Court judges. Learn more about the Clerk of District Court's responsibilities.

  6. Conservation

    The Conservation Board encourages preservation, conservation, education and recreation through responsible use and appreciation of our natural resources and cultural heritage.

  7. Emergency Management

    The duty of the Emergency Management Director is to administer disaster services programs such as severe weather warnings and assist in the federal and state agencies in disasters.

  8. Engineer / Secondary Roads

    The County Engineer plans and inspects all road, bridge and culvert projects, designs and submits all transportation plans, supervises construction work, and more.

  9. General Assistance

    County General Assistance shall be provided to residents of the county as mandated in the Code of Iowa. The purpose and policy of such provisions of relief, where appropriate, is to direct the applicant in removing barriers to self-sufficiency and economic self-support to prevent, reduce, or eliminate dependency.

  10. Health & Zoning

    The Health and Zoning Department handles environmental health functions, zoning permits, and enforcement of zoning ordinances.

  11. Medical Examiner

    The intent of the legislature regarding the medical examiner system is to protect the innocent as well as to bring to justice those guilty.

  12. Recorder

    The County Recorder shall record at length all instruments of record which may be filed with her for recording, such as deeds, mortgages, contracts, and other items.

  13. Sheriff

    The mission of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department is to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Clayton County by professionally working in partnership to provide safety, security and service to the community, while upholding the constitutional responsibilities of the Office of Sheriff.

  14. Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for collection of taxes and other fees for state, county, city, school districts, community colleges, and other taxing bodies such as townships, fire districts, and drainage districts.

  15. Veteran Affairs Office

    Explore information about the Veteran Affairs Office.