The Auditor is elected to 4-year terms. The Auditor's office is located in the Courthouse.

Duties & Responsibilities

The County Auditor is the ex-officio clerk of the Board of Supervisors and reports to the Department of Management, Department of Revenue and Finance, Secretary of State, State Registrar of Voters, Department of Human Services, Department of Natural Resources, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State, and Department of Economic Development


  • Act as central grants administrator
  • Prepares the county budget
  • Prepares a ledger account of receipts and disbursements from the various funds

County Government

  • Custodian of the bond of all county officials
  • Custodian of the courthouse and grounds
  • Issues warrants of the County Treasurer for claims allowed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Prepare county payrolls, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Prepares the agenda for the Board of Supervisors


  • Clerk of the official canvass of elections
  • Supervision of lay-out and printing of all ballots
  • Custodian of the voting machines
  • Register voters and maintains those records
  • Supervision of delivery of ballots including absentees
  • Recruit and train precinct election workers
  • Publish legal notice of upcoming elections

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Permits & Taxes

  • Issues retail cigarette permits, beer and liquor licenses
  • Computes tax levies, prepares tax list and certifies the same to the County Treasurer for collection
  • Certify an abstract of taxes


  • Enters all real estate deeds in plat and transfer books
  • Maintains the official plat book and record of owners of real estate
  • Assesses property omitted by the County Assessor and the Board of Review
  • Agent for Board of Supervisors for sale of surplus property

Record Keeping

  • Keeps a record of the proceeding of the Board of Supervisors and publishes the proceedings in the official newspapers of the county
  • Keeps and records reports of county officers and townships
  • Maintains records of accounts of county patients at state hospitals
  • Prepare and publish financial report
  • Files manure management plans for public viewing
  • Courthouse computer system coordinator