Boards & Committees

  1. Board of Health

    The Board of Health oversees the Public Health Nurses and Sanitarian Offices.

  2. Board of Review

    It is the duty of the Board of Review to examine all assessments made by the County Assessor and if necessary, to equalize valuations.

  3. Civil Service Commission

    The Civil Service Commission is responsible for the administration of hiring practices and disciplinary actions regarding Sheriff deputies.

  4. Communications Board

    See who is currently serving on the Communications Board.

  5. Compensation Board

    Learn about the Clayton County Compensation Board.

  6. Conference Board

    The County Conference Board is composed ot the mayors of all incorporated cities in the County, the County Board of Supervisors and one representative from each of the boards of the community schools in the County.

  7. Conservation Board

    The Conservation Board encourages preservation, conservation, education and recreation through responsible use and appreciation of our natural resources and cultural heritage.

  8. Disaster Recovery Committee

    The Disaster Recovery Committee's purpose is to coordinate the disaster recovery efforts in Clayton County for individuals of disasters striving to serve the full range of human needs and interfacing with ecumenical, service agencies, and organizations with unmet needs.

  9. E-911 Board

    Check out information about the Clayton County E-911 Board.

  10. Emergency Management Commission

    View the members of the EMA Commissioners.

  11. Historic Preservation Commission

    Access information about the Clayton County Historic Preservation Commission.

  12. Inheritance Tax Appraisers

    Get information about the Inheritance Tax Appraisers.

  13. ISU Extension & Outreach Board

    Discover information about the ISU Extension and Outreach Board.

  14. Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission

    The Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission's duty is to appoint a judicial magistrate.

  15. Pioneer Cemetery Commission

    Learn about the Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

  16. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The purpose of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to prevent and lessen the congestion in streets and highways to secure safety from fire, flood, panic and other dangers; to protect public health and general welfare.

  17. Regional DHS Advisory Board

    Access information about the Regional DHS Advisory Board.

  18. Soil & Water Commission

    Find information about the Soil and Water Commission.

  19. Upper Explorerland

    Access information about the Upper Explorerland Regional Revolving Loan Program Board, the Upper Explorerland Enhancement Committee, and the Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Committee.

  20. Veteran Affairs Commission

    Discover details about the Veteran Affairs Commission.

  21. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body within the zoning process framework for the purpose of assuring individuals equal and reasonable treatment under the zoning ordinance.