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Apr 04

February 2017

Posted on April 4, 2017 at 3:33 AM by Craig Johnson

          This morning when I came to work I noticed it was very foggy in spots.  You get that typically in spring like weather.  I came up to a busy highway intersection.  I rolled my windows down and turned off my radio and blower switch to my defrost in my vehicle.  I could hear something coming I normally wouldn’t have heard if I hadn’t done those things.  I saw a pickup across from me was starting to pull out.  All of a sudden the truck stopped partway through the intersection as we saw a semi-tractor coming in the nick of time.  A school bus was behind the semi. 

If you must drive in fog, follow these safety tips:

• Slow down and do not drive faster than your vision.

• Be cautious, fog can become thicker without warning and without being noticed until it is too late to react.

• Increase your following distance to ensure enough reaction time and stopping distance.

• Turn on your lights. Not all vehicle lights turn on automatically in fog.  Use low beam headlights and fog lights. Do not use high beams.

• If necessary turn on your 4-way flashers to give vehicles approaching from behind a better opportunity to see and notice your vehicle.

• Use windshield wipers and defroster as necessary to maximize visibility.

• Be ready for emergency stops by other vehicles.

• Turn off your cruise control so you are in control of your vehicle.

• Use the right edge of the road or roadside reflectors as a guide.

• Listen for traffic you can’t see. This really works!

• Do not change lanes or pass other vehicles, unless absolutely necessary.

• Remember that other drivers have limited sight distance and that fog makes the road wet and possibly slippery or frosty this time of year.

• Signal early, and when you use your brakes, don’t stomp on them.

• Watch out for slow-moving and parked vehicles.

• If you cannot see, pull completely off the road preferably at a rest area or truck stop. • If you pull off the road, turn on your hazard flashers immediately.

Let’s have a safe spring!

And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me anytime, e-mail me at, or stop by to see me.

Thanks and be safe,

Sheriff Mike Tschirgi