Posted on: February 22, 2017

IDPH News Release: Certificate Exchange

It is the desire of the legislature that all newborn birth certificate wallets cards issued from May 1993 to October 2009 be exchanged at no cost to the registrant. The link below is the press release that was issued on 2/21/2017. These are the small wallet cards issued at the time of birth.

County recorder offices are not currently listed as a location where the wallet cards can be exchanged. The state will issue the exchanges, however, the county recorder office may issue an exchange if requested by the customer and the county has access to the record. Counties are not prohibited from offering this service, but also not required. County offices may accept the application and forward to the state as well. County paper will be supplied at no cost as needed to help relieve the cost to the counties if they choose to exchange.

If the county does help with the exchange process, and accepts that application to forward to the bureau, the customer should be told that there may be a 4 to 6-week turnaround time due to the influx of requests we will be receiving.

Forward any questions about this process to melissa.bird@idph.iowa.gov.

Click here to view the News Release.

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