Campaign Signs

Campaign signs that are larger than 32 square feet must carry a disclaimer ("paid for by"). Some cities have ordinances regulating when yard signs may be displayed. However, courts have determined that such laws are an unconstitutional restriction on free speech, and these ordinances are no longer enforced. Signs may not be placed in the right of way. In most residential areas this means between the sidewalk and curb.

Signs on Corporate Property

Campaigns for Candidates

Campaigns may place signs on corporate property under certain conditions. In all cases, other sign regulations (size and right-of-way) still apply. Copies of written permission should be available from the campaign committee upon demand.

Corporate property occupied by corporation:
  • Candidate sign placement prohibited.
Corporate property occupied by individual tenants:
  • Campaigns may place signs in common areas with written permission from all occupants.
  • Individual tenants may place signs in the area they are leasing.
  • Signs may not be placed in the corporate office.
Individual property leased to a corporate tenant:
  • Campaigns may place signs with written permission from the corporate tenant.
Property owned by a family farm corporation:
  • Campaigns may place signs.
Property rented as a campaign headquarters:
  • Campaigns may place signs.

Ballot Issue Campaigns

Ballot issue campaigns may place signs on corporate property. Other sign regulations (size and right-of-way) still apply.

Sign Enforcement

Our office is not responsible for the enforcement of sign laws. Complaints about signs should be directed to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board.